Composing Tip #7: Fame, Music, and $


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Write music for famous people, or rather send the best of what you write to somebody who’s doing it in the Big Time.

If they don’t look at it, what have you lost? If even one of them takes a shine to it, they may put it in their repertoire or even record it.

Fact of life: there is in fact very little money in selling sheet music and not much in recording unless you’re selling jillions of copies, but performing rights pay fairly well (albeit much better in Europe than in the US).

You will most likely make your money in this order [make sure you join ASCAP or BMI]:

1. Commissions

2. Performance royalties

3. Recording (sales & royalties)

4. Sheet music

Of course, you don’t write for the money. You write because you have to. Because it is who you are. Because it feels so good.

But musicians still have to eat. It’s nice to compose, to create, but it’s ok to make some $ from it, too.

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