Blues for D.D. for Solo Oboe by Jeffrey Agrell

Blues for D.D for solo oboe by Jeffrey Agrell, performed by D.D. (the incomparable Diana Doherty).

Blues for D.D. (video)

[This is a video example of the previous Tip.]

Breathes there a composer with soul so dead who never to himself has said, “Boy, I wish a lot of people would either hear or play my compositions. Or both!”

The internet is and has been a huge boon to compositional democracy: you can write something, record it, and put it out there in audio or video form for all (all meaning anyone with electricity and internet access) to see. The process of making something and making a recording is a bit more involved than that glib sentence  might indicate, but the point is still there. The process is way better than the old way, which is 1) only local exposure (friends, family, school) 2) radio stations 3) CDs.

But there is one other way to get your music known. It’s not particularly easy, and will involve a certain amount of luck, and certainly requires a solid composition. And that is to have somebody famous play your piece. This doesn’t necessarily mean Pop Star famous. This is just someone who has something of a reputation in the field and performs a good bit around the landscape. This is a fairly large circle and there are various levels.