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Composition SetUp #2: Aliens Landing!



English: Picture of Maytag Dairy Farms, Newton...This composition set-up is in puzzle form. There are lots of right answers. The point is to make you come up with creative solutions.

Here it is:

The film is beginning (before credits – this is the first thing the audience sees/hears). The scene is summer in rural Iowa, around dusk. Then: aliens landing!


1. Compose music for the quiet, bucolic setting; for our puzzle here, just list some possible ways (what to use, how to use it) to do this. About 10-15 seconds ought to do it.


Composition SetUp #1: Chase Scene

Just for fun and for those that are interested, I’m going to launch a series of composition set-ups. As with learning anything, it goes best if you do some every day, and composition is no different; sometimes it’s easier if you have an external supply of micro-challenges to draw on to get you going. These will be occasional (not every day), but I’ll toss them out now and then to have fun with if you choose. Feel free to change any part of any of these. The details of each are not so important; the only important thing is that you write something (anything!) every day.

A car chase sequence of The Chain Reaction.

Composition SetUp #1:

Chase Scene. You are allowed 4 notes only: C D G and Ab. 2/4 meter. Lots of fast notes. Tempo MM=144. Bass and hi hat set up a groove. Muted (Harmon) trumpet sizzles a jagged theme. Total duration: exactly 20 seconds.


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