Sound Cloud: Getting It Out There


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Continuing the thread addressed below in Writing for Famous People, one of the primary concerns of composers is Getting It Out There: finding a way for people to hear your music. One way is to use an internet resource like Sound Cloud, a site that gives you virtual space to post audio files where anyone can access them.

You don’t have to be a techno whiz to post files or have them be CD quality. Your audio file could be as simple as recording with your iPhone. Sound Cloud also offers an App Gallery of 100+ apps “for mobile, desktop and web” to make it easier to upload you music.


Desktop: Avid Pro Tools; Studio One; Fission; Cubase; Sibelius First; Renoise; CloudDeck; SoundCloud; MuseScore.

Web: CD Baby; DIY Music; BandPage; Getty Images Music;

Mobile: DM-1 Drum Machine; AmpKit; Reactable; NanoStudio; AmpliTube; FL Studio Mobile; BandApp; MultiTrack DAW, iTalk; Voice Recorder; Loopesque; ThumbJam; 4 Tracks; FiRe Studio; NLog Synth PRO; VoiceJam; Freestyle; Looptastic Producer; Beatwave.


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The waveform of your uploaded music is displayed, and your friends and fans can give you feedback on your music at specific spots in the waveform. What an age we live in…

Learn more in the site section entitled SoundCloud 101, which gets deeper into topics with menu items like The Basics, Sharing, Widgets & Players, Integrations, Masterclasses, and SoundCloud for… [Education, Band Collaboration, Journalists, Social Networks, Audio Books, Meetup Organizers].

There’s also SoundCloud for Bloggers, where you can find sounds you like on SoundCloud and embed them in your blog, the same way you can embed videos from YouTube.

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