Composition SetUp #2: Aliens Landing!



English: Picture of Maytag Dairy Farms, Newton...This composition set-up is in puzzle form. There are lots of right answers. The point is to make you come up with creative solutions.

Here it is:

The film is beginning (before credits – this is the first thing the audience sees/hears). The scene is summer in rural Iowa, around dusk. Then: aliens landing!


1. Compose music for the quiet, bucolic setting; for our puzzle here, just list some possible ways (what to use, how to use it) to do this. About 10-15 seconds ought to do it.

2. Then list ways that you disturb the first music and segue into Aliens Landing music (10-30 seconds). Make lists of how to do this:

1. Using orchestral instruments (only)

2. Using electronic music resources (only)

3. Using both

4. Extra credit: using only stuff you find around the house

Items to consider: timbre (tone color), dynamics, tempo, beat/pulse (some/none), register (high/low/middle)

Alien 2

(Photo credit: rarebeasts)


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