Composing Tip #3: The Ears Have It

Motown 4 album set

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School can teach you a lot – about composition, about a lot of things, but mostly about things that are easy to write down. As soon as you can, go beyond this model. Learn all about historical written music, but as soon as you can, learn from the living music all around you as well. Learn from especially from music of oral/aural traditions: country western, zydeco, the Beatles, ragtime, field hollers, gospel, reggae, samba bands, African choral music, jazz, garage bands, Motown. These styles haven’t been written down, but that’s a feature, not a bug. There is too much information there to capture in any inky representation. So you just gotta listen.

Listen to the nuance – if you want a challenge, try to notate this kind of music exactly. Listen to jazz singers – how they may start a little before or after the beat, or drag the first part and hurry up the second part or tuplet-ize something that is written in straight quarters in the fake book.

Learn from every kind of music you hear, whether you like it or not. If you can’t find something to learn from in every piece of music you hear, you’re not trying very hard or your attitude needs an overhaul.

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