Composing Tip #1: Dare to Be Bad

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The composition of two point reflections is a ...

Dare to be bad – in the initial stages of composition.

If you try to write an immortal masterpiece for the ages, you won’t get past the first bar, or it will stink if you do.

Write for the fun of it, just get something down. Not caring or comparing during the first draft is immensely liberating. You can always edit – or throw out the whole thing – later.

Trying to be impressive, brilliant, erudite, perfect, etc. severely inhibits the creative process. Don’t edit or judge at first, just record your idea any way that you can.

The Spring

The Spring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t write for the ages. Write for right now.

Don’t hesitate to use what lyric writers call the ‘dummy lyric’ – you want or need something to fill in a section but don’t have it yet – write anything for now, replace it later. Squiggles are fine. Adjectives are fine.

Keep the momentum going at all costs. Keep going. Use passion to fuel the first draft. You can get your head involved later.

You don’t have to write the piece in order. Most of the time that’s not a very good idea. Get stuff down in any form you can. Don’t judge, just write. Evaluation is death to creation.

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