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Art of Composing

Jon Brantingham’s website Art of Composing is great source of information on composing. He offers a brief introduction to how to compose, and you can sign up for a “free beginner’s composing course.” He also directs you to “free composing software”, free sound fonts, and there are several videos to illustrate his points. He also offers paid subscription courses to his “Art of Composing Academy”. He also has a content-rich podcast and blog, plus a vlog on YouTube. Check it out!

How to Write a Melody (video)

Composer Focus – web site

I just discovered a new web site – Composer Focus –  that looks fairly new – not a great deal of content yet, but what there is is excellent with the promise of more to come. especially the promise of offering multimedia courses that cover (quote):

Working in TV/Film and Game Music

Music Theory

Production Techniques

Music Business

Ear Training

(and more…)

Very attractive site with excellent offerings. One thing that looks interesting is Articles>Roundup, which are lists of stuff (must be the British term for lists), e.g.

5 books to learn how to compose for video games

Top 5 orchestration books

8 unique and unusual sample libraries

Choir sample library roundup

iPad Music App roundup [I can use this for my Creativity in Music semester course]

Choir sample library

String sample library

Audio file formats: a roundup

Notation software roundup

Game On!

Video Game Timeline
Video Game Timeline (Photo credit: Emilie Ogez)

The American Composers Forum is announcing a workshop in writing for Video Games:

Game On! An Insider’s Guide to Video Game Scoring

It will be held April 13 & 14 at the McNally Smith College of Music in St Paul, MN. Sessions will be led by award-winning video game composers Lennie Moore and Jason Graves.

“Over the course of the weekend, participants in GAME ON! will get a unique glimpse into video game composition, from conception through realization. The sessions will be designed to provide the technical—as well as practical—information needed to launch and sustain a career in this industry. In addition to the workshops, special events will include a “role play” session featuring Sean McMahon and game developers from Graveck Interactive, and a concert featuring a string quartet performing transcriptions of video game scores composed by Lennie Moore and Jason Graves.”

Lennie Moore
Lennie Moore
More information is available here.
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